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GGM For over 29 years since its inception in 1979, has put its focus solely on manufacturing geared motors. The location is Bucheon city in korea.The workplace is 2000 square meter for factory 1 and 2650 square meter for factory 2. Currently 100 employees are working at GGM. AC shaded pole geared motors, DC precision geared motors, AC condenser run geared motors, Gear box, Controllers are included in our product range.




Sanyo Denki strive to fulfill the dreams and happiness of people who engage in business with us. At the same time, we commit to do our utmost to contribute to society and the industries that lead us to success. Our business goal is to create total customer satisfaction through technological excellence by being "one step ahead in research and development" as well as in high productivity and reliability. During times of dynamic technological evolution, customers face endless tasks. At Sanyo Denki, the challenge is to provide our customers with a competitive edge.



GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. (GSK)—the CNC industry base in South China is the professional supplier of advanced sets of machine tool CNC equipments. Based on technological innovation, we insist on “motivating by core technology, striving for excellence and improving user productivity”. We offer our customers full range of GSK series: machining center, CNC system for milling, turning and grinding machine, spindle servo motor, feed servo drive device, feed servo motor, and integration solutions as well.



GTR have grown as a manufacturer of a comprehensive line of gears, gearmotors, and other equipment for transmitting mechanical power by crafting innovative, high-performance, compact products that inspire the trust of customers. Confidence in the quality of our products informs our slogan, an invitation to customers to "Make your choice with your ease of use."



Building on Mitsubishi Electric tradition of technological leadership and innovation for more than 75 years, the company merged three existing automation product business units to form Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. on January 1, 1997. Under the leadership of Mr. Yuji Kajikawa, president and CEO, the sole mission of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc, is to support the automation needs of North and Latin American customers with combined sales, marketing, service, engineering and manufacturing resources.


Autonics 30 year history is the process developing new & advanced technology of its own to satisfy their customers around the world.

Autonics is now a total solution provider in sensors and controllers offering more than 5,000 items to the various fields of industrial automation through its continuous R&D/MANUFACTURING endeavors.
Autonics has the No. 1 market share in the Korean domestic market, and its products are widely marketed in more than 100 countries in the world as well.

 As a result, Autonics is ranked as the No. 1 exporting company in the Korean industry, and now Autonics is not only the leading company in Korea but also becoming a reliable partner in worldwide industrial automation market. No doubt, our mission is to develop new products and meet customers current needs while providing this all at reasonable pricing.



United Intelligence Robot Technology., LLC is a high-tech enterprise registered in the Pudong Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, UIROBOT is committed to devote to the development of robotic industry. UI robotic products have full independent intellectual property rights, and are protected under multiple domestic and foreign patents.

They advocates the philosophy of modular design and manufacture, that is, all the robots are one by one independent modules, all module uses a unified communications protocol to communicate with each other. In addition, the mechanical interfaces of all modules are also simple and similar to each other. Different modules can be assembled flexibly to form different functions of the robot. With user friendly features, users do not need to understand how the specific module works at the backend; they just need to combine/separate modules according to the request, which can greatly improve the versatility and flexibility of the robot application and assembly.

Under UIROBOT, They have developed a variety of robot components, such as wheeled and tracked mobile platform, comes with dedicated camera rotating head of the robot, military-level operation control box,small size, powerful functions intelligent stepper motor controller to CanBus protocol-based robot control system and so on. These components can be used to resolve related technical problems by themselves, or they can be combined together to form different functions of robotic products.

They hopes to develop new ideas and new realms in the filed of robotic research/manufacturing with advanced R&D concepts, so that the robot product can be as home computers, which plays an active role in the daily life of ordinary people. They desire to become the benchmark for robotics company worldwide, and push the robotics industry into an advanced era.

As a component of intelligent robot, They launched a series of stepping motor controllers. They are characterized by small size, strong driving ability, with full intellectual property rights, completely different from existing similar products in the market. The size of these motor controllers is 42mm * 42mm * 14mm (L*W*H), with the corresponding mounting flange, they can be directly mounted onto the 42/57/85/110 series of stepper motors. Their ultra-miniature and micro intelligent stepper motor drivers is categorized into parallel port series, UART (e.g. RS232) series, CAN series etc. Our stepper motor controller is the only product featured by small size, high intelligence and high driving performance products in domestic industry.

UIROBOT believes in "customer first, be creative and proactive", we will continue to provide our customers with great product and quality service.

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